UUM Unity Spirit Towards Spring


UUM Unity Spirit Towards Spring

北方大学中华春节慈善晚会 UNITY SPIRIT TOWARDS SPRING 简称“北大新春(USTS)”是以传承及推广中华文化为主要目的而成立的组织。北大新春是北方大学(UUM)最大型的华人组织,主要是通过筹备各类活动吸引更多志愿者,从中弘扬优良的传统文化,培育更多的潜在的人才及以行动回馈社会。


  1. 推广社会对中华传统文化、道德、艺术等的认知。

  2. 提倡“取之社会,用之社会”的理念,以实际行动为社会注入爱心。

  3. 秉着“再穷也不能穷教育”观念培育新生代。

  4. 提供社会的模拟平台,强化大专生对于社会的意识与责任。



北大新春也正是因为“再穷也不能穷教育” 这句标语,坚持续传这份使命,向更多的小学华裔子弟伸出援手,帮助缺乏资源的他们。希望能透过我们的




UNITY SPIRIT TOWARDS SPRING (USTS) is an organization established with a main mission of inheriting and promoting activities related to the Chinese culture. USTS is the largest Chinese organization of the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Its main message is to encourage more students volunteer in various cultural events, promotes excellent traditional culture, cultivates more potential talents and encourage contribute back to the society with actions.

The core value of USTS is

  1. Implant the essence of traditional Chinese culture, morality, and art among the undergraduates.

  2. Enhance the social awareness and responsibility to contribute back to the society with real action

  3. Cultivate the new generation with the concept of “No matter how poor it is, education shall not be property stricken".

  4. Provide a social simulation platform to strengthen their knowledge and responsibility for society.

In Malaysia, a multi-ethnic country, USTS hopes to organize various activities to promote Chinese culture, morals and the arts in all walks of life. In addition, USTS strives to promote the importance of Chinese cultural heritage to all undergraduates, so that the cultural treasures of the Chinese nation can be widely known. USTS also hopes to inculcate the importance of different culture and enhance the spirit of solidarity between them, so as to achieve harmony between all ethnic groups.

USTS aims to provide a social simulation platform to strengthen undergraduates’ awareness and responsibility for society, so that they can spontaneously participate in to enhance their abilities in various aspects and show their potential or discover unknown talents. In addition, USTS encourage to give back to those in need in the society with practical actions. Hope the love and spirit of helping each other can be spread to every corner of the society throughout this platform.



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UUM Unity Spirit Towards Spring

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